This is our own product, a Python script, designed to retrieve solar and geomagnetic indexes, 48h solar flux data, NOAA Aurora forecast, alerts, daily solar reports and outlooks, as well as Swedish magnetometers' data from the network. On initial launch, the program automatically fetches solar and geo indexes and flares' plot, then a user can select from several options - to display current solar photosphere, NOAA Aurora forecast/alerts/daily reports/outloooks or magnetometers data. The script generates only minimal network traffic, that is on initial launch and after a user initiates data updates.

Data courtesy of Laboratory of X-ray astronomy of the Sun, LPI RAS / NOAA / Institutet för rymdfysik, IRF


Sky and Solar v2.81 - download / MS Windows 7-11 64-bit - an SSL correction added to overcome some servers missing SSL certificate issue

Sky and Solar v2.8 - download / MS Windows 7-11 64-bit - windows' size and screen location autosave feature added

Sky and Solar v2.76 - download / MS Windows 7-11 64-bit

Sky and Solar v2.76 - download / MS Windows 7-11 32-bit (also works on 64-bit systems)

The 32-bit program may not launch on some older Windows 7 32-bit systems. As a minimum, you would need to have Service Pack 1 installed as well as Microsoft Security Update for Windows 7 KB3063858 which can be downloaded directly from Microsoft or from our site here.