-12...-24H    -24...-36H    -36...-48H    -48...-60H    0...-60H

These graphs reflect the daily signal levels of service radio stations located in:
Norway (JXN 16.400 kHz)
France (HWU 21.750 kHz)
Italy (ICV 20.270 kHz and NSY 45.900 kHz)
USA (NAA 24.000 kHz)
Türkiye (TBB 26.700 kHz)
UK (GBZ 19.580 kHz)

These graphs also reflect the influence of ionospheric disturbances caused by solar activity on the propagation of radio waves in the chosen direction. The receiving equipment is located in the city of Svetlogorsk, Republic of Belarus. Locator KO42UP. And consists of:
- a receiving antenna of the Mini-Whip type installed on the roof of a 9-storey building.
-Mini-PC with built-in sound card, on which the SpectrumLab software is installed and with constant access to the Internet.


Vlad EW8HP, Alexander EI4JY and Igor EW8RD took part in installing and configuring the equipment, as well as the software. The service may be interrupted due to maintenance and improvement of equipment or software. All planned work will be announced in advance in this post.