With such an active Sun of the first week of May, the Aurora of 2024-May-10 was expected indeed. NOAA has forecast a G4 geomagnetic storm and we were awaiting patiently. The storm hit early Friday evening under a broad sunshine. Early reports has started to appear from ham radio operators across Europe, who uses Northern Lights to bounce their radio signals from. By 21:00 UTC all stats and indexes were still in full swing, indicating a really strong storm, however what acually came in has exceeded all possible expectations.

In Greystones, Ireland the Aurora was so strong that it was clearly visible with a naked eye (although having mostly gray'ish colours), spread across the whole sky, going as high as the Zenith. 24mm lens on a full frame camera wasn't wide enough to capture the Lights in all their glory. On camera, the Lights were sporting multiple colours, from green to purple all over. Several dozen of locals were happily making pictures of that once in a lifetime event, many great images were posted on social media.

Our Aurora monitor has demonstrated some really unexpected readings of that night though. The only active Grindavik TFK amplitude plotter has showed no signs on an aurora, instead it was unusually flat all through the night. In contrast NAA plotter, usually flat at night, happily recorded expected strong disturbances all trough the night. Some European stations showed not typical, fairly disturbed graphs on that night too.

Providing we've witnessed an exeptional auroral event, with Auroral Oval power as high as 361 GW, as well as exeptionally active Sun in the past week we have to put a note of exeption on interpreting the graphs.