In this report we just wanted to file a record of a fairly interesting Aurora event of 2023-Sep-13, where NOAA Forecast HPI, although rising very well to solid 90 GW early evening, has rapidly decreased afterwards and maxed at just 57.5 GW around midnight, followed by further decrease during the night, however many photographic Aurora reports were still coming from all over Ireland. In contrast, Kiruna magnetometer, as well as our VLF receiver has both responded very well to the event all through the night.

The below Aurora image courtesy of a talented Greystones photographer Vlad Bodarev. The shot was captured on 2023-Sep-12 23:15UT in Greystones, Co. Wicklow at 53° 9' 15" latitude.


Also, we would like to share an incredible timelapse, courtesy of Wicklow town's brilliant astrophotographer Enda Kelly, of Wicklow Skies Astrophotography. The timelapse covers a period from 20:30 to 04:00UT and was captured in Wicklow town at around 52° 58' 47" latitude.


Our VLF plotter's graph has shown very typical auroral pattern, where both Icelandic transmitters responded exceptionally well to ionospheric disturbances during the monitored period.


Kiruna magnetometer's data was also well aligned to the event showing fairly typical pattern, although deflection rate was probably smaller that expected for visual Aurora on Irish latitudes,

Finally, NOAA Aurora Ovation model has surprised us this time, with quite low HPI values' forecast for any aurorae of such scale for Irish latitudes all through the night.