• Total Solar eclipse
    08 April 2024
    Forecasters predict that a solar eclipse passing over North America on Monday will offer a partial viewing from select areas of the UK.
  • Line up Markarian’s Chain
    08 April 2024
    Markarian’s Chain is a string of bright Virgo Cluster galaxies straddling the Virgo/Coma border. 
  • Chasing lunar shadows
    02 April 2024
     There’s so much that the Moon offers to an observer armed with just modest instrumentation and the unaided eye. Here’s some of the Moon’s best sights on an exciting observing journey as the Moon waxes from new to full phase.
  • Focus on Messier 106  
    25 March 2024
    Spiral galaxy Messier 106 in Canes Venatici faces stiff competition there but remains one of the northern sky’s best . 
  • Inspect impressive Mare Imbrium   
    15 March 2024
    In and around the vast Imbrium Basin is a very fertile area for lunar observers. For our Imbrium expedition let’s zero in on its magnificent mountain ranges and great selection of impact craters. 
  • M95 & M96: A close galaxy pairing in Leo 
    13 March 2024
    Spiral galaxies Messier 95 and 96 are Leo’s second great Messier duo, after Messier 65 and 66.