• Moon close to the Pleiades
    14 February 2024
    It’s always a prime observing event when the Moon pays a visit to the magnificent Pleiades open cluster (M45). 
  • A rare triple active galactic nucleus
    14 February 2024
    This cosmic collision is a coming together of two large spiral galaxies, but if you look carefully you might see two smaller galaxies that are also involved.
  • Valleys on the Moon
    13 February 2024
    With a waxing Moon riding high in the early-evening sky, now is a good time to become acquainted with four of the best valleys on the lunar surface.
  • Get a buzz from the Beehive
    09 February 2024
    Messier 44 in Cancer is a marvellous open cluster that’s a great sight through a modest pair of binoculars.
  • Vaonis Vespera. The observing station that’s an electronic marvel
    04 January 2024
    Four years after their debut product Stellina, Vaonis launches the world’s lightest fully computerised telescope-camera. Ade Ashford puts it through its paces.
  • Reviewed: Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTI
    18 December 2023
    Sky-Watcher’s range of star trackers, called Star Adventurer, have been popular. The original Star Adventurer was released in 2014, running off an external 5V supply or four AA batteries, motorised and guiding in RA only.